For those who have not submitted their application, and who are planning to hire professional help. I invite you to speak with me for a free case evaluation. We can discuss eligibility, tactics, strategy, the general requirements of immigration, and how I can help you.

Have you already started? Is your case already submitted? Want advice on how to fill in the forms? Sorry, in such case you are not eligible for a complimentary case evaluation. So please do not book a time from this calendar. But I CAN help you, and my a la carte rates are very reasonable. I can step in, to provide you expert advice, you may even order my time in 30 minute packets, or I can even take over for the rest of your case and make sure you get through NVC and the interview as smoothly as possible. For a menu of services for DIY or already ongoing cases do not book an appointment, instead send your request via email to

Click on an available (Blue) time you would like to book your time to speak directly with me.

This Calendar Changes Daily !! If you don’t find the time and day you want, then come back later. The calendar rolls out new available time slots every day. We typically offer three available time slots each day, including weekends. The calendar shows three days of time slots, so if you seek a time slot 4 days later, just come back after a day, as the next day rolls out and becomes available.

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